The Home Safety Prep Tour

Are You Ready To Disaster-Proof Your Life? At Popular Mechanics we’ve been helping people to find best drill press. Read Our Test to Find the Best Drill Press – Popular Mechanics.

Now, we’re taking our expertise and know-how and bringing it to you…live. Come meet our top editors, expert celebrities, and first responders who will help you survive any disaster–for a day, a month, or forever.

You’ll see entertaining workshops, must-have gear, high-tech gadgets, and life-saving supplies. National and locally-owned businesses will be on site with plenty of free swag like hats, t-shirts and karaoke machines for professionals and homes. In case you are unsure of whether a fabric can be steamed or not, it is advisable that you either test the steamer on a small portion of the fabric before using the steamer on the whole fabric or check the guide to fabric steamers and steam irons for directions and clarifications. Plus attendees get a free copy of the latest Popular Mechanics.


  • Colby Donaldson, Survivor finalist, host of Top Shot.
  • Chris Grundy of Gunsafeguide.Net on the DIY Network
  • Former Green Beret Mykel Hawke, star of Man, Woman, Wild and One Man Army on Discovery.

Super $30+ Value. Early Attendees Get:

Free copy of the latest issue of Popular Mechanics ($4 value)
Free Popular Mechanics Collector’s Edition T-shirt ($10 value)
Free Roll of Duck Tape* ($6 value)
$10 Home Depot Gift Card From Ram Trucks*

Major Fan Appreciation Giveaways

All the tools from the Popular Mechanics Disaster Garage (value: $700)
AquaPail 5000 Portable Water Filtration System (value: $500).
More being added every day.
PLUS lots more cool swag from our sponsors, vendors, and exhibitors.


Mykel Hawke’s Spec Ops Survival School
Mykel Hawke, star of Man, Woman, Wild, and One Man Army on Discovery Channel.
Former Green Beret, disaster relief expert, survival guru (and TV star) Mykel Hawke gives a no-holds-barred session on the skills it takes to survive a natural disaster—or any emergency—and thrive in the aftermath.

Colby Donaldson

What Top Shot and Survivor Taught Me about Surviving in the Real World.
Colby Donaldson, host of Top Shot—now in its fourth season—and Top Guns, on History Channel.

Colby Donaldson is one of the most popular players ever to compete on the blockbuster show survivor. He’s also the hugely popular host of History Channel’s hit show Top Shot. In this exclusive appearance Colby explains that when it comes to preparing and helping out, he’s actually taken the lessons from TV and applied them to his own life.

Frank Billingsley’s 2012 Hurricane Clinic

Frank Billingsley, Senior Meteorologist, KPRC TV, Channel 2, Houston, Texas

When floods, tornadoes, severe storms, and hurricanes, strike, Houstonians turn to the region’s top weather expert, Frank Billingsley, for up-to-the-minute news, advice, and safety tips. As Hurricane season kicks off, Billingsley gives his exclusive interactive long-term forecast.

Roy’s Ultimate Disaster Garage

Roy Berendsohn, Senior Home Editor, Popular Mechanics

Having been on the staff of Popular Mechanics for over 20 years, Roy is one of the country’s leading experts when it comes to hardware and home improvement. As a disaster-relief volunteer, Roy also knows what kind of tools, gear, and gadgets you need in your garage if you have to rebuild after an emergency—or lend a hand to others. Come to see Roy’s must-have list for your garage.

10 Things Every Mom Needs To Take Care of Her Family

Lisa Bedford,

Any mom who has ever lost power at home for even a few hours knows that just doing a little planning can make things a whole lot easier. Lisa Bedford is the best-selling author of Survival Mom (Harper Collins), and also the creator of the enormously-popular blog, In this special live appearance, Bedford goes through her surprising list of top rated gun safes, tricks, and advice for moms and dads. Bedford has been featured on The Today Show, Newsweek, NPR, many other national news outlets.

Hands-On Emergency Medicine

Dr. Joe Alton and Nurse Amy Alton

“Dr. Joe” and “Nurse Amy” have devoted their professional life to helping people understand the basics of first aid and emergency medicine. The smartest medical move is to seek professional attention but hospitals aren’t always easy to get to—especially in a severe weather event. In that case, you’ll want to know the basics of things like hyperthermia, hypothermia, minor wounds, and other ailments.

Amazing Disaster-Proof Dome Homes

David South, Founder, Monolithic Dome Institute

Domes are making a comeback in home construction, and not just because they look cool. Studies and real-world examples have shown dome homes to be amazingly sturdy, practically disaster-proof, and incredibly energy efficient. In this bonus talk, David South, one of the nation’s leading dome experts, explains why domes are moving from obscurity to the mainstream.

Get Ready Houston

Francisco Sanchez, Harris County Office of Homeland Security & Emergency Management

Hurricanes are just one of the severe weather threats that impact Greater Houston. The metropolis gets hit by floods, severe storms, tornadoes, damaging hail, drought, and even treacherous freezing rain. Each event requires its own particular response and the Harris County Office of Homeland Security & Emergency Management has run through all the scenarios. Come to learn from the local experts about what you need to do to be responsibly prepared.


Houston Fire Department’s Fire Safety House
The United States Coast Guard Rapid Response Boat
The Red Cross Emergency Response Vehicle
Southern Baptist Disaster Relief
Harris County Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Boy Scouts of America
American Preppers Network

We’re adding more every day so check back soon