Air Impact Wrench Kit

Buying a complete impact wrench kit can be more cost effective than purchasing an air impact wrench, compressor and accessories separately.


Air impact wrenches are expensive items of equipment, so if you’re thinking of investing it’s worth considering purchasing a complete kit to keep your costs down.

Impact wrench kits typically consist of the impact wrench,1 or more air sockets, a nipple, a wrench, accessories and possibly a compressor and lines. The exact contents of the kit varies between manufacturers, but almost always means a cost saving over purchasing the individual parts separately.

If you already have sockets then buying a full kit might not be cost effective, but if you’re starting out from scratch then kits are usually the best way to buy a new impact wrench setup.

Look for kits from well knowen brand names such as Makita, Ingersoll, Draper or Snap-on to ensure that your purchase will last. If youre looking at electric wrench kits then DeWalt, Sealey, or Clarke all make good quality kits at reasonable prices.

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